Between the earth and the sky

Veneto is a land of many wonders. The cultural heritage of art cities marries with the great natural heritage that makes Veneto a region to live between the earth and the sky.

From beautiful dolomites to cities of art such as Venice and Verona. Veneto is a region to be discovered that will leave you speechless.

City of art a few kilometers from Jesolo

It is not by chance that in the list of UNESCO World Heritage there are 3 Venetian cities: Venice, Verona and Vicenza, all easily accessible from Jesolo.

In addition to these famous places rich in charm and history, we find the beautiful Treviso, a few kilometers from the Hotel Niagara, not to forget Padua, a city rich in history and cultural vitality.

Food and wine excellence

Veneto is also a heritage for its enogastronomic value, a continuous temptation of flavors and scents that from the mountains to the sea are expressed with a cuisine rich in tradition.

Pasta and beans, radicchio, soppressa or codfish. They are just some of the typical Venetian dishes, which thanks to the traditional taverns scattered throughout the territory is possible to taste at very reasonable prices.

The show of the Dolomites in the day

If you want to treat yourself to an excursion in the Veneto Dolomites we will give you all the information to reach the nearest place and live the life of the mountains in Veneto.

The wild and unspoiled nature, the magic of the landscapes of the Dolomites are difficult to tell, but they are really exciting to experience.